Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Exercise 8 A sequence of Composition

These photographs were taken at the Urban Village Vintage sale.  I knew it would be busy with lots of well dressed teenagers who have their own style and very good a lot of it is too.  So with this great opportunity I set off to get amongst it. 

Shot 1

This the my first shot after I noticed the initial two girls.  On this first photograph I only have the two initial subjects and a thought process which would just involve the shot of those two girls.

Shot 2
On photograph two I am waiting for the girls to settle and move round so I can get them more central. 

Though I tried not to make it obvious it was clear I had been spotted, big chessy grin.  My aim was now to try and get the group that is forming relaxed enough that I could get a really natural shot.  From shot 2 - 3 the compostion of the photograph has changed and my subject now larger than first anticipated

Shot 3

As I am moving around I attempt to get my colour and focus correct and feel that a change of lens is required.

I change my lens from 70-300mm to my 35-70mm from shot 4 to gain a better focal length with a smaller aperture as it is quite a dark area.  By doing this I feel less imposing on the subjects due to my close proximity than I did with my larger lens.  Took me a while  to frame the shot and adjust the lighting with the correct shutter speed but then this is why I am here.

Shot 4

Shot 5

Shot 6

Shot 7
There was lots of movement and repositioning and it was not until I returned home and viewed the photographs side by side that I made my choice from those I had taken.

Final finished photo for my street photography project.  Still not exactly how I would like it to be, but then I do have a lot to learn.......

Final Photograph

I have learnt from this more about the focal length, its limitations and requirements for subject placement.  Where on many other occasions I would have drawn back to get a better position I have this time thought more about the changing the lens more frequently. 

The problem that I have come across has of course been inexperience and quickness.  Luckily these young people thought I was from a magazine or something are were quite happy to sit around while I sorted myself out.


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