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Born Coventry 1936

Interest photographs in Coventry post-war reconstruction as freelance working for The Black Star

Project Colour take a look at this

The Last Alpha Male: Norman Jean Roy | Icon_ology

For future reference to look at what the portraits say.
December 2009: Norman Jean Roy's Portraits of Survival | Style | Vanity Fair

Facebook | The Trouser Room Launch

Received a link from Andrea yesterday, which I looked at today.  Mark Wallace Snap Factory U-Tube

Even more reason why it is essential to nail the basic and get more from your photography.  Also following in Twitter and here is the website

The studio work does not interest me but the lighting information is crucial.  I love all this, so glad I started the course.  Trouble is it make work even more tedious!  Oh well must pay the bills.

The Oakland Motorcycle Club Icon_ology

Raw street photography
Frank & Klein
Untitled Document

I brought a book today from Urban Outfitters of all places and as soon as I saw this  photograph of Sammy Davis I fell in love with the artist.
Heavily influenced by Henri Cartier-Bresson he depicts raw life. How fabulous photography is. Here is to the discovery of more in 2011. Have a great Christmas and New Year bloggers.
29 December 2010

Book reference: The making of Great Photographs
ISBN 13: 978-0-7153-2156-0Use the concept in shapes in composition?  Curves, verticals and horizontals included in the image, with bare stonework and light to capture only what is required.  Medium Telephoto to flatten the the perspective, sharp image from front to back.  Long exposure, stopped right down.

'The Sea of Steps' Wells Cathedral, 1903

by Frederick Henry Evans

Andrea advised that I look David Ward for his use of natural light when shooting close up details 

I really like his monochrome and the use of light is amazing.  This particular one


Some thoughts towards Part 5

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