Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Colour Part 3 & London Independent Photography

I am catching up with my part three and have some images to upload for part 4 Light.  Things are going along on time and this beautiful weather is certainly helping. 

A few months ago I am sure I said that I had joined London Independent Photography  and receive their FLIP magazine. I have just got round to starting to the read the magazines over the last few weeks and I have to say they are amazing and well worth the effort of interest.

Amongst the articles the magazines address issues and interests that may seem macabre when looked at from the outside but are tackled and discussed with interest with obviously a photographic angle.  
There is one very interesting article on the suicide rate of Indian farmers who are taking their lives rather than have their dignity shames by being unable to look after their family, as they loose their stock to "unpredictable weather patterns" and through fighting the effects of "globalisation".  The photographs are intense and hard hitting to accompany a fabulous article.

There is also an article called a letter from Totteridge and Whetstone.  I will scan the photograph tomorrow when in work but if you can read the article it's a fabulous piece of social writing and the photograph illustrated sets the article of perfectly.  

This is the last issue and has the above mentioned inside.

I know more each day why I love photography so much.  It's not just the production of the piece itself but the story, written and unwritten behind it.  What a lucky girl I am that I have the opportunity to be learning this wonderful craft.  I thank my circumstances that I have worked so hard for every day.

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