Saturday, 1 October 2011

Henri Cartier-Bresson

This book the education of a photographer is truly interesting. Hence the reason why it now has its own section.

The section on Bresson moves on again from Abbott but once again focuses on the photographic reportage, the picture story. How interested they would have been in relation to a blog or an app.....the possibilities are endless with a brilliant photographer and a world-wide audience in an instant.

A whole world of exciting prospects are available to me once I have made sure I have the foundations and concepts stable and secure. Exciting times ahead even though I know it will be hard work.

Again like the other photographers I have discussed HCB  talks of photographic reportage and the story book the making the joy of finding and recording a situation that is "unrolling" before your very eyes

One word that he uses when talking about his work, is that he is still am amateur but is not longer a "dilettante" fabulous word that will be mine for today.

The picture story - can be a situation that rarely happens when the whole frame of the photograph "posses such vigorous and richness, and whose content radiates outwards from it, that the single picture is a whole story in itself"

It is however possible to create a picture story based on the core by combining all the sparks that are associated with it, therefore building the story form various shots. Simple and obvious I sort of say and then think and remember how hard this actually is. This is the very idea that I am taking to Belgium. The very core of the story is to pay respects to a man who from my ancestry gave his life from the age of 14 in the fight for our liberty and freedom. The sparks from this are the people who we will be travelling with and their individual stories of their ancestors and also the journey we will have on the Lambrettas, no doubt along with the problems we have. This in turn building a comradeship. I am hoping it will be a great photography reportage!

To Bresson the story book involves the eye, brain and the heart, to depict the content of the event and communicate your impression. You can not be stationary in your attitude towards the event and need to see it from all angles. Bresson works in a way that is comfortable, self propelling and emotional, this is because he loves and is proud of what he creates.
The decisive moment Henri Cartier-Bresson. I sometimes think I would not like to do photography as a job as then it would become a chore. However, this would truly depend on what sort of Photography you where involved in!

Besson is a man of integrity and has little respect for enhancement in any way, this includes light. In his book you must work with what you have and manipulation would not be tolerated. I think that really is the way though I am not quite there yet when I do not dabble a little in Lightroom to get the very best out of the frame.

The Subject
Leitmotiv another great word. HCB goes on to compare painters with photographers and how he feels that some of the details that a painter would find difficult and sometimes irritating can be amusing to photographers as they are the reality that they crave in the frame.

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