Friday, 17 September 2010

Exercise 2 Focus with Set Aperture

After a disaster down at the local park in selecting a subject that did not work out.  I moved onto the next exercise to take some movement shots of the roundabout.  Then I decided to come home and try the exercise here as it was getting chilly.  I managed to get the images I needed along with the further understanding, which is the most important part......though I will have a look at a larger scale option using the same technique for a bigger picture!

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3
Each photograph was taken with 50mm Minolta prime lens settings of 1.7 my lowest F-Stop.


I like image 2.  It makes the doll stand out but also tells the audience that the doll is part of a set and only at this point is the most important part of the set, but with the other two clearly shown. 

I liked this exercise it has really shown me the importance of placement both for me and for the camera.

26 October 2010

I still have not looked at the bigger picture option for this, but I am hoping to go to Shropshire on Saturday weather permitting!!!  There is a wooded area I have in mind that will be perfect.  Also with later understanding I will be able to understand a lot better what I am doing.

9 November 2010

I have seen a great place to try!

23 November 2010

I do keep forgetting about this but it will be done

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