Friday, 17 September 2010

Exercise 3 Focus at different apertures

It took me a while to find the right subject that I was happy with to understand this exercise fully.

I went down to the local lake and surrounding area and found this nice group of trees.
1.  f32 1/5
1. Both sets of tree trucks are sharp and within focus though the background is not particularly sharp leaving the main subject the silver truck that is framed by the three other tree trunks,  but with no real depth to the photograph leaving the viewing with a small sense of proportion.

2.  f4 1/80
2. The silver tree is clearly the object that is most in focus.  The brown trucks are completely out of focus with the eye being drawn to the silver bark making it feel more striking and further away that it actually is.  This is helped by the fact that the area of the photograph is much wider and gives far more depth.
3.  f16 1/13

3.  There is not a huge difference between image 1 and 2 with the exception that the silver bark is slightly more in focus than than the brown.  Though there is more depth of field to 2 compared to one is the background of the silver truck.

26 October 2010
I still have much to learn here and will keep coming back to all exercises until I feel completely happy with my understanding. 

I have no conclusion at this stage to offer.  I do not feel 100% happy with my understanding.

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