Saturday, 16 October 2010

Exercise 13 Vertical & Horiztontal Frames

The slide show below depicts the photographs that I took while experimenting with vertical and horizontal frames to accomplish this exercise. 

I have taken lots of time over this as I wanted to sort out a display facility via Lightroom that would make life alot easier too display multiple photographs without the static format that is found in Picasa. 

Please click on each photograph for my critique of how I feel they worked when framed in the two different dimensions requested by the exercise. 

Totally the wrong white balance used on the day and I think that has had a real effect on the end photographs, but for the object of the exercise I think they work remarkably well.

My next objective is to show the exposure detail, but that's another story........

As you can see all the photographs in the slideshow were taken at the National Arboretum Alewas.  Some of the photographs work vertically and horizontally but in all cases they gave a totally different dimension to the shot. 


When I first commenced with this exercise a good few months ago I found that a composition I did at out allotment worked really well. 

I feel it is a really good example of how changing the frame can work in your favour as well as giving the photograph another feel and dimension.

Horizontal Frame
Vertical Frame

Both the above photographs were taken on wide Angle lens.  Taken from the same position at low level.  

We can see that the horizontal framing shows much more of the surrounding and gives you a good sample of everything involved in the allotment and also how busy it was at that time of the year on a beautiful early September day.

The vertical frame brings many other elements into play even though it includes less in the frame horizontally.  There is more development as the photograph changes angle.  A branch above (which I had not in fact actually even seen) draws you in like you are climbing through from another area at ground level. It kind of makes you feel like you are a little mole or rabbit popping up for a quick look around, whereas the horizontal would be my view from crouching level.

Each photograph tells the same story just from a different angle.

Great exercise on awareness, pre-visualisation and flexibility in photograph phrase for the written notebook and reminder throughout the course.   

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