Saturday, 5 March 2011

Feedback on Assignment 1

I have had my feedback today from Andrea.  All in all I am enormously pleased with it.  There are a couple of images that I should readdress as they are a little dark.  I couple of images I threw in to the mix that I was not completely settled with did not fair too well, but it is great to get the feedback as it compounds my understanding further to ensure I do not go down the wrong train of thought.

What I am particularly pleased with  is that I have "produced a series of images that both answer the assignment brief and have also pushed my skills as a photographer"  that gives me real confidence in the direction I am going.

I need to be a little more evaluative on my blog and test the reasons why I have taken the image by thinking that if I were to take the image again who could it be improved and what I have learnt from it.

The following are some points that I have read and understood.  Single point is a strong image in itself and the fact that I have given the surrounding area so much contrast that the image is a little more complex for it to be a single point dominating.

the two points may well have made a single point dominates because of the lamps shade.

Several points and the march has been very successful, also with good definition in tones.

Multi-storey is the strongest image of the three, with the different layers working well and the variation of the tone form a "successful abstract structure"  Distraction was a bit of a long shot and the fishmonger could do with some light upon his face, with a darken to the left hand corner.  I will do this over the next few days and post here.

The goths is the stronger of the curved images.  The chains and and belts draping helped the image as I had pointed out and also the depth of field was good to isolate the subjects from the background.  Again the image is a little dark and appears heavy.  i will look at this again in the next few days.

The steps and triangular me both worked in different ways.  The composition on the steps felt natural with the central placement but as pointed out it worked because of an asymmetrical scene behind it.  Andrea really liked this image and so did I.  I am pleased I hunted around for the right background for triangular me as this formed a great part of the positive response to the image.

Under the bridge needs a bit of a crop to form a more abstract approach.  I will look at that also and post here.

Car park railings I need to straighten the image.  The fence railing I will try with a straight on approach as suggested just for a comparison.  Also again it needs to be a little lighter.

In the rhythm Andrea liked the tonal range, but suggested it fitted more to pattern and suggest I swap both the pattern and the rhythm examples around.  I will do that before I upload to OCA.

Blog is looking good.  I need to "engage with some of the specific images rather than leave a general comment" about the work of other photographers. That area of my blog does need addressing and I need to organise the information better than separate pages as it does not work very well.

A very good second assignment feedback and I am very pleased.  I have made some notes on colour and also interesting street photography links that Andrea sent.

I will be using label more as it gives me better orientation around the blog now it is growing in size. 

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